• Meet a hospital that consistently records 98% customer satisfaction and 97% employee retention. They are successful because they keep their values at the center of everything they do. It’s a Way Not a Day shows you how to anchor your organization’s values into the hearts and minds of your staff, so they treat every patient, family member and coworker through the lens of those values. For any team seeking higher patient and employee satisfaction.

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  • The FISH! For Schools Guided Journey is a staff development program for K-12 educators. It combines the practical wisdom of The FISH! Philosophy with sound research to help you:
    • Forge caring relationships with students that inspire them to want to be their best.
    • Foster a supportive culture where staff regularly celebrates and recharges each other.
    • Build a safe environment where everyone is ready to learn.
    • Develop clear expectations shared by every member of the classroom.
    • Guide students to examine their behavior when it doesn’t work and take responsibility for more successful choices.
    The Guided Journey includes 10 short videos of educators and students applying FISH! behaviors to common school situations and challenges. The videos are perfect for monthly faculty meetings or study groups, as well as classroom discussions with students. The Guided Journey also includes a workbook with questions and strategies to turn intentions into action. Click here to order additional Guided Journey Workbooks (does not include the DVD).
  • FISH! For Schools Packs

    Our FISH! For Schools lite pack is the FISH! Classroom Experience Pack. Each Classroom Experience pack includes the Student FISH! video, to help students understand The FISH! Philosophy, and a guide with exercises and other resources to help them practice what they’ve learned. This pack does NOT include the FISH! video.

    The FISH! For Schools Pack helps you build a remarkable school culture. The pack starts with the FISH! video, a great way to kick off your back-to-school training. FISH! re-energizes staff and helps them support each other through the challenges of a typical school year.

    Next is the Guided Journey, a professional development course that builds strong relationships among staff and students. It gives staff a common language and approach. Students and parents receive the same positive experience whether they interact with the principal, teachers or support staff.

    Each Classroom Experience includes the Student FISH! video, to help students understand The FISH! Philosophy, and a guide with exercises and other resources to help them practice what they’ve learned.

    *Now offering three purchasing options (See Details)
    • FISH! Classroom Experience Pack - a lighter pack with just the FISH! Classroom tools.
    • FISH! For Schools Pack - Kick off a culture transformation in your classroom
    • FISH! For Complete Pack - Even more resources to transform your school


  • As a leader, your most powerful influence is your example. FISH! For Leaders sharpens the interpersonal skills that increase trust and motivate people to follow your lead. The series consists of six programs. Each includes a video and downloadable facilitator’s guide with discussion questions, PowerPoint slides and an assessment tool.

    The FISH! For Leaders Series Collection includes:

    • It Starts With Me
    • Be There
    • Play
    • Make Their Day
    • Choose Your Attitude
    • Who Are You Being?

    The FISH! For Leaders Series Collection is available as:

    • USB Flash Drive
    • On Demand Streaming 

    If you already own FISH! For Leaders Series Collection, you may upgrade your VHS or DVD to a USB Flash Drive or On Demand Streaming. 

    And don’t forget to check out our FISH! Accessories—Pete the Perch and other colorful takeaways that add fun to your event and reinforce the learning.

  • This comprehensive bundle combines the FISH! ingredients to energize your culture long-term—an exciting FISH! introduction, continuing conversations to keep the momentum alive and a development course to help leaders to strengthen relationships and trust. 

    The FISH! Business Solution includes:

    • FISH!, the original video that helps people see amazing possibilities at work.
    • FISH! Trainer Tools, which shows, step by step, how to put on a “World Famous” FISH! kickoff.
    • FISH! Culture, with 10 additional videos and resources to strengthen commitment and ingrain the FISH! practices into the DNA of your organization.
    • FISH! For Leaders, a six-unit video course to help leaders be aware of their impact, lead by example and inspire their teams to excel.
  • FISH! Culture


    Even a powerful idea like The FISH! Philosophy needs regular attention. FISH! Culture offers expanded resources to help you keep the energy of FISH! alive.

    The FISH! Culture Facilitator’s Guide includes scripts and videos for leading 11 essential “conversations”, starting with a FISH! kickoff. In the 10 followup sessions, the team watches a short video that explores one aspect of The FISH! Philosophy. Prompted by questions in the guide, the team discusses how to apply FISH! in a way that works best for them. The guide also outlines activities that help the team understand and apply each practice. These conversations give everyone a chance to contribute, increasing a sense of personal ownership.

    BONUS: Trainer Tools FISH! Culture also includes Trainer Tools, our top-level resource for delivering the same world-class kickoffs as FISH! experts do. It takes you through each detailed step of planning and practicing your presentation, including 29 short video clips of experts demonstrating key elements of a FISH! kickoff. Trainer Tools includes printable exercise handouts and other tools. It’s perfect for people who will be delivering multiple FISH! trainings, as well as those who have never led an event.

  • The first step in a successful FISH! journey is a remarkable introduction. A FISH! Philosophy kickoff event:

    • Inspires people to find the joy they have been missing at work.
    • Teaches four powerful skills you can use immediately for team and personal success.
    • Unites team members to accomplish any goal.
    • Is incredibly fun . . . and people learn more when they have a good time!

    The FISH! Starter Kit provides all the tools you need to plan and lead a great kickoff. They include:

    FISH!, the most popular training film of all time. FISH! gets people talking, in ways they never imagined, about how they can strengthen trust, appreciation and accountability—the foundation of all great teams. Available on DVD, USB, and Streaming.

    Trainer Tools. This comprehensive resource guides you, step by step, through every aspect of your presentation. It provides:

    • 29 video clips of experts demonstrating key elements of a great kickoff.
    • Questions to ignite essential conversations about how to create a fulfilling, productive and supportive workplace.
    • Activities to help participants experience The FISH! Philosophy in action.
    • Printable activity handouts.
    • Activity cards
    • Sample Participant Workbook with questions and exercises for participants. Purchase one for every attendee. Additional workbooks.

    Essential Background for the Facilitator, a PDF of vital knowledge and tips to understand and teach The FISH! Philosophy.

    Sample Bundle of colorful accessories to rev up the fun, engage participants and keep the FISH! practices top of mind after the event. Includes Pete the Perch, pen and poster.


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