FISH! The Book (Hardcover)- Autographed


By Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D., Harry Paul and John Christensen

FISH! isn’t just about work. It’s about making every moment of your life count. Readers use its practical wisdom to improve business performance, but they also use it to renew their spirits and strengthen their relationships with family and friends. FISH! is about rediscovering the amazing power that is inside each of us to make a positive difference—wherever we are in life. It’s effective for team training or to help staff connect personally with The FISH! Philosophy.

Now, to celebrate over 20 years of FISH!, we have released a new edition with even more tools to help you apply its practical lessons:

  • Stories showing how real people apply FISH!
  • Case study of a large organization that used FISH! to transform its culture.
  • Lessons on leading more effectively with FISH!
  • Discussion questions to guide vital conversations about how to bring FISH! to life.

If you are considering bringing FISH! in to transform your culture, call us today for special programs available.

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What are the experts saying about FISH!?

“Employees smile because they “want” to not because they “have” to and the pride that derives from that very simple fact makes the rerelease of the FISH! book a “must read” for your own self-improvement gift to yourself!”
— Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus, Southwest Airlines

“I guarantee that every manager will benefit from FISH! (the book) because it will not only increase employee retention, it will motivate people to take pride in what they do.”
— Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager

“(The authors) know the right formula for teaching principles that improve conditions in the workplace: tell a good story! FISH! is perfectly suited for teaching four powerful principles that form the bedrock of a successful company. I recommend their book to anyone, on any level, who wants to make a difference at work.”
— Hyrum Smith, co-chairman, Franklin Covey Company

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