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The FISH! For Schools Guided Journey is a staff development program for K-12 educators. It combines the practical wisdom of The FISH! Philosophy with sound research to help you:

  • Forge caring relationships with students that inspire them to want to be their best.
  • Foster a supportive culture where staff regularly celebrates and recharges each other.
  • Build a safe environment where everyone is ready to learn.
  • Develop clear expectations shared by every member of the classroom.
  • Guide students to examine their behavior when it doesn’t work and take responsibility for more successful choices.

The Guided Journey includes 10 short videos of educators and students applying FISH! behaviors to common school situations and challenges. The videos are perfect for monthly faculty meetings or study groups, as well as classroom discussions with students. The Guided Journey also includes a workbook with questions and strategies to turn intentions into action.

Click here to order additional Guided Journey Workbooks (does not include the DVD).



Guided Journey Units include:

Unit 1: See What’s Possible
Unit 2: Be There
Unit 3: Play
Unit 4: Make Their Day
Unit 5: Choose Your Attitude
Unit 6: Shared Ownership
Unit 7: Personal Responsibility
Unit 8: Safety
Unit 9: Connect to Life
Unit 10: Live the Possibilities

Download an Introduction to the Guided Journey and Sample Unit

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