FISH! Business Solution


This comprehensive bundle combines the FISH! ingredients to energize your culture long-term—an exciting FISH! introduction, continuing conversations to keep the momentum alive and a development course to help leaders to strengthen relationships and trust. 

The FISH! Business Solution includes:

  • FISH!, the original video that helps people see amazing possibilities at work.
  • FISH! Trainer Tools, which shows, step by step, how to put on a “World Famous” FISH! kickoff.
  • FISH! Culture, with 10 additional videos and resources to strengthen commitment and ingrain the FISH! practices into the DNA of your organization.
  • FISH! For Leaders, a six-unit video course to help leaders be aware of their impact, lead by example and inspire their teams to excel.


The FISH! Business Solution includes:

  • 1 FISH! video 
  • 1 FISH! Culture (FISH! Culture video, FISH! Culture Facilitator’s Guide, FISH! Culture Personal Workbook, FISH! Culture Audio)
  • 1 FISH! Trainer Tools (includes Trainer Tools Facilitator’s Guide, Trainer Tools Facilitator Examples videos, Trainer Tools Event and Sustainability resources, FISH! Participant Workbook, a set of Choose Your Attitude Cards, a set of Let’s Make a Day Cards, a set of Conversation Cards)
  • 1 FISH! For Leaders Series Collection (includes 6 FISH! For Leaders videos, includes downloadable facilitator’s guide with discussion questions, PowerPoint slides and assessment tool. Each video also includes 1 Participant Workbook)
  • Sample Bundle (1 Pete the Perch, 1 FISH! Pen, 1 Our Workplace Poster)

See the FISH! Culture video learning units:
Conversation 1: Show the FISH! video and introduce the four practices, inspire people to create better results and a more satisfying life at work.

Conversation 2: Be There—Explore how it feels to be fully present for your customers, coworkers and everyone who needs you.

Conversation 3: Play—Discover the benefits of Play for morale and productivity. Learn how Play is a mindset you can apply to any situation.

Conversation 4: Play, Trust & Creativity–Explore the connection between Play and creativity, and why trust is critical to Play effectively at work.

Conversation 5: Make Their Day–Learn how simple gestures create lasting memories for the recipient, and deliver an internal reward to the giver.

Conversation 6: Choose Your Attitude–When you take personal responsibility for how you respond to challenges, you control your attitude—not the other way around.

Conversation 7: Passion & Engagement—Finding your passion at work is easier when you understand how your job makes people’s lives better.

Conversation 8: Relationships—High-performing teams rely on trusting relationships. Creating those relationships takes listening, support and appreciation.

Conversation 9: Communications—To really connect with people, you must be aware of the “stories” and judgments in your mind as you listen and express yourself.

Conversation 10: Who Are You Being?—Who you are “being” affects everything you do. Knowing who you want to “be” puts your choices into sharper focus.

Bonus Conversation: A Personal Journey—The FISH! Philosophy isn’t just about making the most of your work. It’s making the most of your life.

See the FISH! For Leaders video learning units:
It Starts with Me—The secret to great leadership is not in telling people what to do, but inspiring them through your example.

Be There—You can’t lead without trust, and you build trust by being there when people need you.

Play—Play is an attitude of enthusiasm and creativity. To encourage it, you must nurture a culture full of trust and free of fear.

Make Their Day—One of the best ways to make someone’s day is to show them how much you appreciate them.

Choose Your Attitude—Your attitude has a powerful effect on the people you lead. What impact do you want to have?

Who Are You Being?—Great leaders know what they stand for, recommit to it every day and ask others to help them “be” it.

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