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Lack of employee engagement

Gallup says 70% of people are not engaged at work. The result? Productivity plunges. Absenteeism and turnover soar. Disengagement costs organizations up to half a trillion dollars annually. What does it cost you?


Build internal commitment with The FISH! Philosophy

When people don’t feel valued, they stop believing they make a positive difference. The FISH! Philosophy empowers people to Be There for each other. When people experience how good it feels to be appreciated—and appreciate others—they focus on what they can “give” rather than what they can “get.”

If you’re looking to improve engagement and morale, consider this:

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.


Employees who feel welcome to express their authentic selves at work exhibit higher levels of commitment, individual performance, and propensity to help others.

Employees who are internally motivated are 3X more engaged than those who are extrinsically motivated (such as by money).

The Fish! Philosophy can help you create the change you are looking for.

“FISH! is a great way of figuring out how to love whatever it is that you’re doing. FISH! is a way to engage people.”
– Karin Accomando, Toyota
“The simple principles in FISH! helped us to transform our culture from indifference to enthusiasm.”
– Rob Gregory, owner, Rochester Motor Cars

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