Success Story

Learn how The FISH! Philosophy helped Sprint Global Communication Services transform their call centers into a place where you can “hear the smiles in the agents’ voices”.

Sprint Global Communication Services

Sprint Global Communication Services helps Sprint’s long-distance customers get connected around the world through more than 1,000 employees in seven call centers across the country.


Call-center phone agents handle 500 – 800 calls per day, each one averaging about 30 seconds. People learn the job so quickly that the work almost becomes second nature and since they get the same kind of calls over and over again, the boredom factor can set in quite easily. Furthermore, casual dress was reserved for Friday, laughter in the office was generally a no-no, and retention was an impossibility. In short, Sprint had a lackluster work environment and customers knew it when calling in.


  1. Re-energize the culture.
  2. Help phone agents “Be There” and stay focused on their customers and colleagues.
  3. Release the pressure of a highly-stressed work environment.
  4. Avoid the “Flavor-of-the-month” syndrome.
  5. Increase retention.

FISH! Approach

  • Drafted a new culture statement focusing on the spirit of empowerment by “learning and growing from our experiences.”
  • Announced a new dress code: “Don’t wear anything that could be a safety hazard.”
  • Incorporated FISH! practices into their regular coaching sessions.
  • Streamlined and humanized monthly quality surveys with agents.


  • Renewed agent commitment transformed call centers into places where you can “hear the smiles in the agents’ voices.”
  • Agent teams regularly take initiative to propose ways to improve call-handling efficiencies and customer satisfaction.
  • First-year retention rate jumped 25%.
  • Four-year productivity rate increased 20%.
  • New organization vision statement adopted by Sprint’s VP of Service Operations for all call centers: “We have fun working while delivering the ideal customer experience in consumer communications.”

“I’ve been in the call center business for 37 years and I’m living proof that you can change. The past few years have been the most energizing of my career.”

–  Mary Hogan, Manager

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