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Rebecca Cianci

Rebecca is a distinguished professional with over two decades of experience in training, facilitation, and human resources, beginning her career as a civilian contractor for the United States Marine Corps. Her journey in HR has spanned diverse sectors, including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, local government, and, since 2006, Penn State University. At Penn State, as an affiliate staff development trainer and facilitator at the Center for Workplace Learning and Performance, Rebecca has been pivotal in creating a thriving learning environment. Her tenure at Smeal since 2012 has been characterized by an inventive approach to HR strategies and a dedication to nurturing a culture of continuous learning.

Since 1997, Rebecca has been instrumental in introducing and implementing the FiSH! Philosophy across a diverse range of industries, including the US military, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare organizations, local government, and higher education. Her influence has extended from smaller working groups to audiences numbering in the hundreds. Her engaging approach and deep understanding of the FiSH! Philosophy have inspired positive change and fostered more dynamic, collaborative, and enthusiastic workplace environments.

Embracing the FiSH! philosophy, Rebecca has infused her work with its principles, fostering an organizational culture that emphasizes play, making someone’s day, being there, and choosing one’s attitude. Her passion for this philosophy is evident in her innovative HR management strategies, especially in crafting impactful training and development initiatives.

Known for her “outside the box” thinking and her exceptional ability to inspire and motivate, Rebecca’s role as an adjunct faculty member has allowed her to merge theoretical knowledge with practical applications effectively. She specializes in training and development, consistently enhancing employee skills and preparing future industry leaders.

Rebecca’s career trajectory not only underscores her extensive skill set but also her enthusiasm for creating workplaces where joy and productivity coexist, empowering employees to unlock their full potential.

Website: https://directory.smeal.psu.edu/rjc39
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-cianci-phr/

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