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Nan Gesche, MA

Nan is an energetic speaker who uses experience, insight, and some sturdy research, all sprinkled with a little humor, to get people to see themselves and the world differently.  Her passion is “helping people play well together!” Nan provides audiences a chance to ponder and practices different ways of thinking and acting around change, conflict, decision making, communication, and leadership all in hopes of providing more positive outcomes.

Nan has been engaging large and small audiences nationally.  She is a catalyst who makes change doable!  Her 20 plus years of independent and corporate experience allow her to stretch people’s thinking to help them focus on the realities of life and business. She works with organizations who want their teams to Crack the Collaboration Code.

She also loves a good vintage clothing shop, so stop her after the session if you know of any in the area.

Certified to administer: MBTI, Conflict Dynamics Profile, LSI (Human Synergistic’s Life Style Inventory), ExperienceChange™ Simulation, and Prosci certified.

Website: http://nangesche.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nangesche/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@nangesche9214

Watch this to see Nan in action!

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