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Tom Guetzke – The Happologist

An award-winning speaker and best-selling author, Tom Guetzke has engaged and inspired audiences around the globe. With Whirlpool Corporation, Tom led diverse international teams, including being the Founder and President of KitchenAid Europa. He has been featured in U.S. News and World Report and serves as a Small Business Advisor to Fortune and USA Today.

Traveling to over 65 countries, Tom discovered the self-care habits each one of us can use to boost the happiness in our lives! An expert in the science of happiness, Tom identified The 5 Happy Habits from research in the fields of positive psychology, neurology, and sociology.

Tom holds a Masters and completed advanced Positive Psychology & Happiness studies at Penn University, UC Berkeley and Yale. He is also a featured author in the best-selling book, Think Positive, Live Happy.

As The Happologist, Tom is on a mission to help people, just like you, discover the positive effects of happiness on your health and well-being to live a life filled with laughter and joy!

It was a pleasure having Tom present to our entire management and leadership team at our bi-annual conference for la Madeleine French Bakery and Café.

Tom went out of his way to meet with us before the event to make sure he could personalize the experience to our group – and he followed through on that personalization and promise.  He showed up early and sat in on other presentations to get a feel for the themes and tone of the conference. 

Tom’s interaction with the group was fun and impactful.  He found ways to drive the FISH! Philosophy principles home in a manner relative to our business, and one that our GM’s could connect with.

I would highly recommend bringing Tom on for your next meeting – and adding on the FISH! is a must!

-Chad Hawkes

I wholeheartedly recommend Tom Guetzke based on his exceptional presentation of The FISH Philosophy at a Minnesota Retailers Association event. Tom’s engaging delivery, inspirational message, and hands-on exercises left a lasting impact on our audience. His ability to connect with people and retailers, and convey the principles of The FISH Philosophy made the session not only informative but also enjoyable. Tom’s expertise and passion for creating a positive and vibrant workplace culture shine through, making him an invaluable resource for any organization seeking to enhance customer service, employee engagement, and overall happiness.

-Bruce Nustad, president, Minnesota Retailers

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