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Gib Kerr

As a retired U.S. Navy Captain, who has also been a corporate executive, a senior executive in government, an executive coach and a professor, Gibson (Gib) Kerr has over 40 years’ experience working with and developing teams in a variety of organizations as small as 8 individuals to as many as 300. An highly skilled facilitator, he is able to draw on this extensive range of experience to help organizations improve outcomes.

Though trained as an engineer where typically coming up with technically excellent solutions was enough, Gib is often quoted as saying “soft skills enable hard results.” To this end he has devoted his varied career to learning, applying and adapting a cornucopia of team and technical tools and skills to improve the interactions of those with whom he works. He loves helping teams succeed, and really enjoys making the complicated simple, so people and teams have the knowledge and tools they need to address the challenges they face.

He takes very seriously his personal mission to help people to understand themselves, interact better as individual and in teams, and to learn and apply new tools and techniques in order to generate improved outcomes for themselves and their organizations. He recently stated in an interview, “I wish I had these tools and been this aware back in the late 1970’s when I first started working in teams…I would have made waaayyyy fewer mistakes.”

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