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    pide project

    Today I finally get to share something with you that I’ve wanted to share for a while. One of the reasons my posting has been so spotty of late is that I have been busy working on an interesting new project for BABAJI PIDE, a new venture by famed London restaurateur, Alan Yau, which places pide centre stage while celebrating the many pleasures of Turkish cuisine. Working with Simon Johnson from THAT Magazine, we’ve been creating content for the new website, which just launched and you can view here. I’m pleased to say that I’ve done all the original photography for the site so far as well as a bit of writing too. A high point in the work so far was getting to shoot with Ayse Dilek from FOOD PROJECT, who shared this recipe which you can make at home. So as a bonus today, I’m including the extremely delicious pide recipe she shared to make…

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    Steering the stomach straight.

    THE ENGLISH EDITION OF ISTANBUL EATS. There are three things in life that really burn my butt. Number one is when somebody comes up with a great idea that I wish I’d had. Number two is when I couldn’t have done a better job myself. Number three is a fire about 1 meter high. Anyway, I guess I’m about to put an evil eye on Ansel Mullins and Yigal Schleifer because their guide book Istanbul Eats — Exploring The Culinary Backstreets has achieved number one and two and managed to light a fire under my behind.