mistanbul returns

  • February 20th, 2014


    shrouded dip 2

    I like the way mist isolates objects, and shrouds the city in an atmosphere of mystery — it becomes kind of minimalist, like a Danish mystery. I’m suddenly imagining a co-production: From the North Sea to the Black Sea … a body floats past a Turkish socialite’s tea party, still clutching a diplomatic pouch in her pulse-free fingers. Murder most foul. One victim, two passports. A diplomat or a spy? Chief Inspector Sigurd Ericcson and Kaptan Mehmet-Ali Osman are on the case. How will the differing investigative styles of this unlikely duo lead to an arrest? A cross cultural clash is inevitable as a pan-continental pursuit leads the two from the water’s edge to the razor’s edge. From steam-soaked hamams to sweltering saunas, from Taksim Square’s wig-wearing, gender-bending transvestites to a sado-masochistic European Parliamentarian, a bizarre array of locations, witnesses and suspects will lead our Nordic-Turkic crime-fighting heroes on a harrowing journey to uncover not only a body — but a body of lies involving an international conspiracy of drugs, human trafficking, espionage and neo-liberalistic fascism, taking all concerned to the brink of professional and personal destruction and beyond.

    All I need now is some development money … any takers?

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  • Robert Consoli 02.20.2014  

    Have you read A Coffin for Demetrios by Eric Ambler?


  • innes  

    I think I am about to order it from Amazon. Sounds good. I started an Alan Furst novel which started off in Istanbul set in a similar period, but it didn’t quite have the same zing that I found in “Spies of The Balkans”.

  • Esin  

    sounds interesting. Insallah you find an investor.

  • innes  

    Thanks, Esin. Maybe I should look at Kickstarter?


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