What a year

  • December 19th, 2012


    At first it’s hard for me to believe. It’s been only 1 year! So much has happened since I first launched this site December 19, 2011. I’ve been introduced to so many incredible people, I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have these experiences and share them. I’ve learned so much about so many different people thanks to starting this site. It’s helped me find a vehicle for my natural curiosity, and voice my constant state of wonder. I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life —  launching  this site isn’t one of them. It’s allowed me to record my small keyhole view of local history and share it with people all around the world. Being an immigrant, you never lose your roots, but it makes the dislocation a little easier when you  can simultaneously share your new home as you explore it with people you miss and the people you’re just getting to know. It’s also allowed me to make as much sense as I might out of this crazy yet wonderful city — which I’m not sure if I chose or if it chose me. There is no way I can sufficiently thank all the people who have helped this site. I owe a lot to people like Paul Cavanaugh who designed and directed many of the details, as well as Erol Işık, who programmed it. I also owe every one of you who follows it. Thank you for sticking with me and listening to my stories. I only hope you’re seeing a continual improvement in what’s written and in the photography presented, and that you’ll feel free to express your ideas to me, and comment about how it all makes you feel, as well as suggest what you’d like to see in the future. I’d also like to thank my daughter who continues to remind of the importance of experiencing something new every day. Nothing slows time like adopting a child-like curiosity. I urge everyone to try it.

















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  • Jasmine 12.19.2012  

    Your thoughtful prose and eye for detail are so much fun to follow. Congrats on one year!


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