Seeing roses

  • May 23rd, 2012

    Everywhere I go lately I’m seeing roses — and I don’t mean this in the proverbial sense. In Yeniköy, Tarabya and all sorts of other places there seems to be an explosion of these flowers. Red ones firing off over fences.  Pink ones blasting through slatted rails. Yellow ones bursting through every imaginable crevice. It’s an assault of color like none I’ve ever seen before. Last year I didn’t notice nearly so many. What happened? Perhaps I simply wasn’t paying attention, or perhaps they were simply planning their attack.  I’m trying not to fight it. We can co-exist, right?

    Though to a lot of people they may seem like a cheesy symbol of romance and bad poetry, I have to say I’m beginning to respect them a little bit more, un-plucked and on the vine. Perhaps it’s all the reading I’ve done on alchemy and Rosicrucianism. Perhaps it’s what natural healer Jayda Uras told me about the rose’s unique properties. Who knows? Am I being subdued by flower power? Should I be worried? Don’t know. Maybe I’m just seeing things differently.


  • Chrisann 05.23.2012  

    I have never been a lover of the romantic, long-stemmed, “Valentine’s Day” roses, but I love WILD ROSES!! Gorgeous! There are wild rose bushes all over Nova Scotia – in ditches, in yards, along the streets and sidewalks – and there is always a hint of their fragrance in the air (along with the ocean). When Jason and I bought our house, the first thing we planted were wild rose bushes.

  • I.A.W.  

    Yes wild roses certainly enhance the atmosphere in every sense. Thank you, Venus!

  • Venus transit my friend, Venus transit..

  • I.A.W.  

    I knew there was a reason.


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