Mind / Body

Mer Bleu

Dear Sof,

I had to go looking for your grandfather yesterday. I’ve missed him for quite a while now, and have only glimpsed him occasionally in the last few years, mostly in my sleep where he could be himself again. So I visited his favourite place, Mer Bleu, hoping to talk to him even if only briefly. He wasn’t there. There are so many things I’ve wanted to say to him, so many conversations we never had. I’d hoped they might be finished somewhere along this trail. But I couldn’t find him or even something of him that I could introduce you to. There was only a strange emptiness, an endless landscape once familiar to me, now as infinite as the terrain of dreams, merging with the sky above. He won’t be found here anymore despite its strange resemblance to the land of dreams.

The next time we see Eric Robert Welbourne, may it be a long, long time away, in the infinite beauty of the beyond. Yesterday, our conversations ended. Today, I’m ready to live. There is no one I have ever missed so much as you, Sof, or a father who was ever as proud of his child.