bosporus tree tops

  • November 6th, 2013




    Ever notice that tree tops resemble diagrams of the capillaries in our lungs? Lately I’ve spent a lot of time considering tree tops against a naked autumn sky. Perhaps it’s the fact that they really are the lungs of a great smoky city like Istanbul. They’re working their trunks off to provide us with oxygen, shade and a whole bunch of beauty in an increasingly concrete and asphalt landscape, despite the fact we treat them no better than obstacles to a new underpass, overpass or some other ugly piece of infrastructure meant to carry more polluting, carbon-emitting exercises in vanity and wasteful personal expenditure — sorry got into a little rant there … so let me put it another way: ever conceived of an urban paradise that didn’t involve more trees? More green space? Didn’t think so.

    tree top 2

    This post is dedicated to Nicolas Delsol who has been enduring the conditions in a terribly smog-ridden city in the Far East.

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  • Nico DELSOL 11.06.2013  

    Thanks Buddy, that post made my day ! 😉
    Damn … I do miss the color of the Bosphorus

  • innes  

    Happy to hear it … and we miss you too.


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