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I’ve been looking forward to telling you about a new assignment I’ve been given, working with Marie Claire Türkiye, writing and shooting for their Going Out section. Unfortunately due to a production oversight, I didn’t get credited in the February issue’s pages. Still there’s always next month, right? One of the things I really enjoyed covering for the latest issue was the new Dean & Deluca at Kanyon. For those in the know, D&D is definitely at he premium end of the scale for food and entertainment, but I’m cautiously optimistic about this brand entering Turkey. A co-venture between the famous New York brand and Turkey’s gourmet emporium, Mania, the operation will probably only roll out one more location in 2013 at Istiniye Park. However, given the enthusiasm during the opening week — they’re averaging about 600 covers a day — more seem sure to follow. Whether the focus is gourmet grocery service, high end dining, or upmarket coffee retailing is also undecided according to the operational management. Turkey is a fantastic place for food, and if a retailer like D&D can help spotlight Turkey’s wealth of delicacies to the outside wore world then I’m for it. I learned recently that something like 70-80% of the world’s supply of the mushroom most associate with Italy—the Porcini—is sourced here in Turkey. D&D also seem to be packaging a great deal of Turkey’s organic foods, and if there’s an industry that needs a mighty champion right now, it’s the organic one. Their coffee is quite nice too.

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