Carving out hearts

  • June 13th, 2012

    On street corners all across Turkey there are men like the one pictured above, brandishing razor sharp filleting knives, mercilessly carving out hearts and plunking them in a sloshing bucket at their feet. And do the authorities intervene? Absolutely not—because the innocent victims deserve it. They’re far too tasty, and far too healthy to go on living. Yes, that’s right, it’s artichoke season again.

    The artichoke is, in fact, a perennial form of thistle native to the southern Mediterranean and has been cultivated since ancient Greek times and was called Kaktos. They are packed with antioxidants and are especially potent in enhancing liver and gall bladder function—although perhaps not so much when turned into the Italian liqueur Cynar, produced by the Campari group. There are also artichoke teas which contain many of the beneficial effects of the vegetable. Personally, I prefer to eat them as an olive oil dish with a squeeze of lemon.


  • Yasmin 06.13.2012  

    These photos are amazing! Love all of them, artichokes, yasemin (how could I not love this?) and your daughter eating ice cream, to name only a few. The writing is stellar and really draws me in. Again, keep up the great work. You lead an exciting life.

  • I.A.W.  

    Thanks so much for writing in and sharing your comments. It’s been a long hot week in Istanbul, and it’s really rewarding to hear such feedback. I appreciate it, Yasmin.


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