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Baked camembert


Since returning from England I’ve been a little obsessed with one taste — baked camembert. I had it in a pub and it has infiltrated my consciousness. I’m even going to propose it as the flavour of the month to one of the magazines I’m working with … but because I like you, here’s a sneak preview. You don’t know you need it. But you do, you really do. You’re going to thank me. Or curse me. All depends on your level of addiction.



1 wheel of camembert (at room temperature)

 1 clove of garlic / 1 tablespoon of white wine / several sprigs of rosemary / olive oil / 1 baguette


1/ Pre-heat your oven to 200 Celsius.2/ Take your wheel of camembert. If it’s wrapped up in parchment paper, open up but leave inside. If it’s wrapped in plastic (like every other blasted soft cheese here in Turkey) remove it and put it in a little baking dish.

3/ Slice one clove of garlic thinly, score the top of your camembert and insert the slices of garlic inside. Add sprigs of rosemary to the top.

4/ Pour one tablespoon of white wine and let it infiltrate the garlic scores.

5/ drizzle a little bit of olive oil on top.

6/ Put the sucker in the oven and wait about 15 – 20 minutes essentially right up until it’s gone all gooey on the inside and crispy brown on the out. While you’re waiting … slice that baguette and toast or grill the slices. Or — if you want to play the whole healthy charade — toss the baguette and eat it with raw vegetable sticks.

7/ Plunge your bread, vegetables or finger into that cheese until not even the slightest crispy remnant of it clings to the paper or pot.

8/ Sigh with contentment.