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  • April 23rd, 2014

    pineapple closeup



    Recently, I thought my death was imminent. Not at some hazy, grainy point in the future, but soon, perhaps lingering around the corner like a mugger. What had started as a feeling of persistent indigestion a couple weeks before we left Istanbul on a family vacation began to get steadily worse on a flight over the Indian Ocean. I didn’t sleep for more than 48 hours. After visiting a clinic, and being prescribed antibiotics, I became dehydrated. Though the doctor who treated me was an excellent guy, he didn’t want to guess as to what was causing my discomfort. There was the distinct possibility of an ulcer (as I’ve had one before) but like any responsible medical person he didn’t care to speculate as to why my symptoms weren’t improving, simply urged me to get more tests upon my return to Istanbul.

    So like any good sleep-deprived hypochondriac I punched all my symptoms into a website. I wanted answers. With every new symptom entered into the medical website’s database the probability meter edged closer and closer to that sneaking suspicion that I didn’t want to share with anyone — cancer. Back in Istanbul, barely off the flight, I went to the American Hospital in Nisantasi. I was given several purgatives and then knocked out so that medical technicians and the gastro-enterogolist who attended me could stick cameras in places I don’t want anybody to stick anything.

    Anyway, barring any unpleasant accidents or mishaps, I might have another half century to go before I shuffle off this mortal coil. The bad news is that the cause of my discomfort is still unclear. Although I have finished several courses of antibiotics and medicines I still don’t feel entirely right. I have a sneaking suspicion, based on what the first doctor I saw told me, and doing some more internet-based on some possible cause of of my lingering discomforts, I might well have acquired a parasite. From what I understand this is not uncommon, and may in fact plague many millions of people in the developed world. Seems I might be a better host than I thought.


    S0 today, I am here to celebrate the existence of pineapples. Apparently, pineapples are an excellent source of bromelain. So what’s bromelain? you might ask. In short, a digestive enzyme packing a whole range of health benefits, but the foremost of which I’m interested in sharing with you today is that this particular enzyme attacks and clears certain parasites of the intestine. So guess who has started stocking up on pineapples? It also happens to be excellent for sinusitis, gout, arthritis and a load of other things you’d be better off not experiencing.

    The interesting thing is that before I had any possible notion of my internal ails, I had, but mostly ignored, cravings for both pineapple and coconut. One more reason to give ear to your hunger pangs, no? So thank you mother nature (and modern day transportation) for providing me with both pineapples and coconuts. I love the idea of food as medicine and hope you will continue to stay tuned over the coming weeks as I sing the praises of other parasite-fighting foods.


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  • Chrisser 04.23.2014  

    Hi Innes – So happy to hear you don’t have something more sinister! Thanks so much for sharing this info – I SUFFER (and I do mean SUFFER) from sinusitis, so will give pineapples a try (NOT my favourite fruit). And I must tell you that the first picture, the close-up of the pineapples, took my breath away! Beautiful.
    Take care of yourself!

  • innes  

    Hello Chrisser,

    I’ll be interested to know how the pineapple works out for you. Will you buy canned or fresh? How much does a fresh (at least in relative terms) pineapple cost these days in CAD? I can easily devour an entire pineapple all by myself. But I’m crazy that way.

    Thanks for appreciating the first photo!

  • Çok geçmiş olsun Innes! Hope you’re doing much better by now.

  • innes  

    Hi Neslihan. Thanks a lot! I think I am doing better. Still suffering from parasite paranoia.

  • Hi Innes, Keep up with those great foods and photos! I look forward to seeing, reading and learning more. ( I had gastrointestinal issues and was always tired. Gave up gluten and now I am much better. )
    On another note, lately I find all kinds of people around me are embracing the same whole-foods plant-based diet that I have enjoyed for years. It is wonderful to see the transformation in the health and happiness of others.
    cheers, yk


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