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  • March 31st, 2012

     © Samantha Zaza

    One of the things I wanted to do when I started this site was to provide sketches of city life. Before launching I worked furiously for a couple of hours every day, honing my skills. But I’m not there yet, and will continue to rely on my photographic skills in order to present the visual component of most of my stories for the time being.

    © Samantha Zaza

    That’s why I want to take the time to introduce you to a terrific artist we have working away right here in Istanbul already providing incredible glimpses into the beauty and mystery of this city and others. You may have noticed her site Harika (meaning wonderful, fantastic, incredible … in Turkish) listed on the blog roll to your right before today, but I really hope you’ll visit it — that’s why I’ve stopped myself at just three of her sketches. The thing I really like about Ms. Zaza’s work is that she’s a fantastic story-teller. In every sketch of hers there’s something interesting going on, something that suggests a grander, ongoing plot to me. You can feel her characters, her streets with a single glimpse.

    Sketches are also fascinating for what the artist omits. It’s not just about technical skill, it’s about mood, giving just enough to suggest or make the two-dimensional come alive. If you ask me, her work does just that, each line, each brush stroke gives a vivid impression.

    © Samantha Zaza

    I hope to get the opportunity sometime in the near future to put down my camera and work with Ms. Zaza on a project or two. Until then we’re all fortunate to have her site Harika. Check it out. 

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  • szaza 03.31.2012  

    Wow! Thank you so very much— I am honoured!


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