• Mind / Body

    Being “right”

    Sof, I can think of few more damaging compulsions in this life than the need to constantly be “right.” The only time you need to be right is when you have the potential to physically or mentally damage another spirit. The amount of harm people do to themselves by constantly feeling and trying to prove how right they are is immeasurable, and mostly to their most important relationships — whether those relationships be with family and friends or colleagues and clients. The need to be right will deprive you and others of the joy of learning. It will paralyze you from making decisions or taking responsibility for your choices. So feel free to get it wrong and forgive others when they do so. Otherwise you’re imprisoning yourself and others to the worst kind of life. A boring one.

  • Food & Drink

    Istanbul’s Irish pub

    Sometimes life doesn’t feel real enough. There’s socializing and then there’s socializing. One type involves trying to impress people, another involves sharing in a good drink and an honest conversation. For the latter, there’s few more genuine places to than the U2 Irish Pub just off Istiklal Caddesi in Beyoğlu. Owner Leo is a true innkeeper and proof that you don’t have to come from the British Isles to operate a proper public house. A pub is a place that should offer welcome to any class of lady or gentleman, and Leo does just that. At little more than four metres square it’s also proof that some of the best pubs don’t need to be big. He’s been open for about six years and leaves a friend or regular in charge on the few occasions when he needs a holiday. The smoking lounge is essentially the stairwell connecting to the…

  • Art / Design / Craft

    Adahan Hotel

    Today I had a chance to get a glimpse of a really interesting renovation in Beyoglu. While it might feel somewhat sparsely furnished with the cavernous ceilings, the ample light, and raw feel of the materials gives this place a real beauty. I’ve seen many Beyoglu buildings restored, but nothing quite like this. Its feel, and the amount of wood make this something special. The other feature which makes it special is the fact that its owners refused to use any concrete in the restoration process. Sedat Sırrı Aklan, who supervised the renovations, is adamantly opposed to the use of concrete on moral grounds, because it is both anti-artisan and only used for profit motives. One of the things I really appreciate is the light touch they’ve used, leaving some of the beautifully weathered surfaces exposed. Here’s a glimpse of this vastly different hotel. I’m eager to check out their…

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    On our way … more soon.

    We’re just returning from a little trip outside Istanbul. The grass is a vibrant shade of green all year round, the ale selection is impressive and we get to see a different side of life. It’s nice having an international little family. More posts coming soon. Promise.