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    a very bavarian day

    There are days which are long but not in the sense of drudgery. Instead the hours are lengthened by wonder. Time seems to still. Recently we had such a Saturday. A day of tall trees, blue skies smattered with cloud, and warm sunlight lighting green, green grass. Everything seems tall in Bavaria. The hills. The dense stands of trees which crown them. The lakeside houses with their soaring cornices which pierce the sky. And finally, the folk and their abiding respect and love for this dramatic rolling landscape, near the shores of Konstanz. Up in the hills, close to the Austrian border, where the luminous grass is softly munched by bright eyed, glossy coated cows, we got to know a man of towering knowledge and strength but also of great gentleness and patience. Eckart, the hero of our story, reads the hills, counts the birds and forages heaps of porcini mushrooms…

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    scotland notebook b&w

    It’s been a while, I know. Here’s some recent high points …. Glasgow, the West End. Such a place. Family and first time introductions, some reminiscing, then exploring the archive of a great talent and our favourite artist and illustrator. Shared meals and a couple of days. Feels like only a few drams before we are on our way. Plans to go back. Missing our daughter a lot. Keep moving. Oban. A train ride with many unexplored but promising stops. Chat with Irish livestock farmer opposite who relocated outside Oban. Note to self. Dozens of interesting places to visit along the Glasgow Oban line. The Turkish Lira crisis haunts our journey. Relief when markets close. Drinks and then a meal at the Manor House Hotel. Garden and outlook is something to behold. Could gaze at the harbour endlessly from such a vantage. Scotland has no shortage of dramatic skies. Early-ish…

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    the microcosm, the macrocosm: the rose

    Perhaps it’s an overused symbol. A cliché even … but the swirling pattern of the rose, its dualities, its softness, its sharpness, resonate with the patterns of life. It also serves to test the depth of field and clarity of manual focus with my 90mm tilt shift lens. Enjoy this transition from wet spring to dry summer here in Zürich. As above. So below. Wet and dry. Two extremes of the same thing. If you enjoyed this post please share it on your favourite platform with the orange social media buttons below. See you soon.

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    a quick taste of tuscany

    Okay, admittedly, I tend to fall in love with new places pretty easily. However my new grand passion might just be with the landscape and life of Tuscany around Siena. What an eyeful of splendour! Two brief days left me wanting far more. Once upon a time I thought people were exaggerating about Tuscany just a little. From the moment we were welcomed by a committee of wild boar, however, a mother, father and a prodigious brood of 30 surrounding our car at the midnight hour as we approached Pieve A Salti, this became a weekend to remember. Even an excessively long car trip south couldn’t diminish the delightful nature of this place. Normally we’d have taken the train but it was fully booked both ways. Still we were upgraded to a pretty swish ride so our auotstrada slowdowns and unavoidable delays were more tolerable. However, the train route would…

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    back to glasgow’s west end

    Thanks to a recent work opportunity, last weekend I was fortunate enough to enjoy a couple of sun-soaked days in Glasgow. This is a city of great art, distinctive red and beige sandstone architecture and fantastically friendly people who compensate for the relative lack of sun by kindling warm conversation whenever and wherever possible. The West End, where I have family, is a particular favourite space for me. Now the Sun and Glasgow may not always be on the best of terms but this is a city that has plenty of charm whether or not the sun appears. When it does, however, the streets of the West End come alive with spirited people. So what to do? Follow me … First stop: Coffee. A must to start my day. Kothel on the Crow Road affords a welcome like very few other places. Ed Avdiasi and his cousin Ben are some dapper…

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    coffee, containers and collaboration at kraftwerk

    Recently I started co-hosting Monday morning breakfasts at the Colab location of Impact Hub Zürich. In the process of getting acquainted with the culture of this co-working organization for creatives, entrepreneurs and tech professionals I have spent a few occasions being inspired at Kraftwerk. Today I wanted to give you a peak inside this impressive space, a collaboration between Impact Hub, dıgıtalswıtzerland, ewz, and Engagement Migros a development fund of Swiss retailer Migros. Hollowed of their original intent, old industrial buildings can thrive with new power when re-purposed. Kraftwerk, the old electric works at 25 Selnaustrasse in Zürich, is no exception. An event and meeting space paired with a cafe by Impact Hub’s spinoff Auer & Co, it has all the soaring ceilings and capacity to thrill modernist lovers, and yet it’s been outfitted and softened for life in the information era with an idiosyncratic mix of oriental rugs and eclectic furniture and…

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    chic shopping with found + karamell

    This post is dedicated to all the great working women I know who constantly have to juggle a whole bunch of difficult tasks and responsibilities and still manage to have grace and good will even when they are sorely tested. Recently I had the opportunity to work with two very cool curators of style, who exemplify not just good taste but honest business, doing some photography and creating some signage and email flyers for a pop-up event. Amber Mahood, formerly of the financial world, is a chic working mother who has created a new brand called FOUND (FOUND GLOBAL on Instagram) which is all about conscious consumerism and living well. Let’s face it: we live in a material world, so we aren’t able to abruptly stop consuming. However, Amber aims to help us discover brands and businesses that diminish the environmental and societal impact they have on our world, and can sometimes even…

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    digital kids

    Once upon a time there was alarm about the impact TV had on developing minds. That concern hasn’t disappeared. It’s grown. Today we have tech savvy, digital kids. Parents carry mini computers in their pockets, and increasingly, their children do too. TVs were generally restricted to a room, which meant limiting access was a lot easier. Today, with the Internet, electronic media is everywhere. It’s in the schoolyard, sometimes the classroom. It’s on the bus. Smartphones and all the content associated with them,  from apps and games to YouTube and Facebook, travel with us. So when and how do we switch off? Can we? Of course as a parent it’s a duty to set boundaries and monitor the habits and wellbeing of our children. Yet how often are we as parents gazing into screens, lost in the content beamed to us by our own devices? Are we taking enough responsibility…

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    film friday: zürich in black and white

    Recently, I decided to play with a new camera. New to me at least. In fact the camera is about as old, maybe a little older than me. But old’s relative right? Here are some of my favourites from the first roll of black and white (Kodak 400 TX negative film) I shot. The camera is an Olympus 35 SP, a 42mm F 1.17 fixed lens rangefinder. Other than some cropping and resizing for transmitting in the blogosphere I have not altered the scans in any other way. Looking at the shots it feels like time travel. What do you think? Do you like film? Do you care whether it’s still used? Does it feel more authentic, or simply nostalgic? Is it like using a typewriter to compose an email? There are more and more people using smart phones to create stunning images, but I have a prejudice — which doesn’t…

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    craft brewers brau syndikat: zürich creators

    It began as a challenge. Craft beer aficionado Stephan Györi (wearing glasses) wasn’t happy that Heineken was not just dominating the Swiss marketplace but the taps at the restaurant where he was a chef. So he and his friends decided to invest themselves in creating a custom beer. It was a success. Not only did he knock Heineken from the taps, now, a few year’s later, he and his partners at Brausyndikat have placed 9th in Falstaff Magazine‘s ranking of Swiss craft brewers. Today, with a proper space allocated to brew they still haven’t lost the handcraft touch, bottling and labelling their lineup of malted beverages with a decidedly human touch. Using a self-made bottling contraption which fills four bottles at a time, it’s something of a laborious process. While Philip fills the bottles, Oli caps each fresh bottle. Stephan meanwhile is strictly monitoring the temperatures on the Mash Tun.…