• Cathar Country

    July 12th, 2012

    It’s often strange to think that this region of France we’re now in was once the site of one of Europe’s bloodiest persecutions. Hundreds of years ago this was the land of the Cathars, a religious group who believed that the material world was the creation of Satan and that worldly possessions were something that should be abandoned. It wasn’t long before the Catholic Church feared their growing sway over people’s hearts and sent in the Inquisition.

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  • Secret Societies: Oh no! or … Oh really?

    February 11th, 2012


    For as long as human civilization has existed, it appears that secret societies have existed. Sometimes they were mainstream society’s priesthoods and knowledge keepers and the secrets they kept from the mainstream were the basis of their power, as they told themselves that they were keeping “the meat for the men and the milk for babes.” Other times they were completely underground organizations unknown or only rumored because of the threat of persecution for what may or may not have been their radical thinking.

    Until recently I had absolutely no idea what most of these societies were supposed to have believed. Many a blockbuster movie would have us think that they were sacrificing virgins and offering them up as a tribute to Satan. The problem with finding out what secret societies like the masons believe is that there are/were blood oaths and all sorts of menacing reasons for them to keep their secrets secret. How else do you keep a secret, well, secret? Still, in an era where we (or some of us, at least) praise democracy and transparency is it necessary, or wise to keep such secrets? It’s certainly elitist. Read More…

  • The Emerald Tablet.

    December 12th, 2011

    “THOTH” BY VERITY HEYSEN KIZEK © Verity Heysen Kizek.

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