the turkish shoe spa


Have you lost that sparkle? Does the path you tread lack its former lustre? Are you dragging your feet? Perhaps you need to revitalize your image from the ground up. Once upon a time daddy needed a new pair of shoes. Nowadays he might only need some new life in his old leather. If so, there’s no better place to restore your old kicks to box freshness than a place such as Pangaltı Lostra, just outside the exit/entrance at the top of the escalator from the Osman Bey Metro station. This business has been restoring cracked, dried out old boot leather for over 50 years. It’s virtually a piece of modern day history. And for 8TL, it’s well worth it before you tramp through the mean streets of Istanbul. In the space of about five minutes you step up on the platform and practice your everyday Turkish while your friendly neighbourhood boyacı brushes down, oils up and then hair dries your scuffed up, world weary work boots and broken down brogues. Not a bad little deal if you ask me.