where the hell am I?


It’s Friday but unfortunately not in a TGIF kind of way. This is one of those posts where I want to say that I have more to say but haven’t yet found the way to say it … understand? I knew you would. There’s too much to do and I feel like I haven’t done enough lately. I’m itching to get back to some serious blogging with more stories, opinions and photos headed your way soon. The sun is out and today’s a great day to scour the streets. Promise I won’t be sitting down much … if at all until this evening. Feel free to send me suggestions drop me a line in the comments below or on the Facebook page. And if you just want photos without my rambling, check out the page on Tumblr: — okay? You might even be able to guess which shots are going to end up in Passages (see previous post). If you’re interested, of course.