dear istanbul/mistanbul

  • February 26th, 2013







    An eerie feeling swept in the last couple of days. On the weekend the sun soaked the city and it felt that the vibrant colours were seeping back up through the cracks. Then, as if to challenge my optimism, a clinging mist hugs the seaside, giving the shore an emptiness over the last two days. It’s almost as if you’ve gone all modest and now want to veil your favours. There’s no doubt you’re one capricious mistress, Istanbul — splashy bright one day hanging out your windows like a painted harlot in a loose-fitting dress, then the next, shuttered up dark and snooty and joyless as the wife of a protestant priest. Boats bob on a chill grey sea that bleeds into an equally colourless sky. The gulls overhead seem reluctant to laugh. You want to be all mysterious, all moody? Go ahead, torment me. I know your tricks.

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  • Sedef 02.26.2013  

    Thanks for this post. You brought me back to Istanbul…Mistanbul – even if only for a moment.

  • I.A.W.  

    Once again, Istanbul has had the last laugh … after I posted this I realized my signature grey hat, my protection against the elements, had gone missing! Coincidence? I think not. She gives and takes.

  • Love your description of this lovely/mysterious city!

  • I.A.W.  

    Thanks, Joy. This city is beautiful, but she makes me crazy.


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