Kanlıca Diary

A waterside village. A fish restaurant. A drinkable tea. Boats. A waterside mansion with mannequin sentinels. Waves lap the shore. A famous yoğurtçu — why not? Inside people glance at smart phones, remark, “nice view.” Waves lap the shore. A ferry passes, doesn’t stop. Tabletop menu: historic yogurt, historic yogurt with honey, historic yogurt with jam — small, medium, large — french fries, tost, Nescafé or çay (tea)… hmm … okay … Yogurt with honey, çay. Ninety seconds pass. Historic yogurt arrives in plastic cup stabbed with plastic spoon, cloudy çay. Bosporus ferry unloads tourists. Waves lap the shore. Women wearing headscarves cluster and giggle. Young guys in tight white t-shirts and aviator sunglasses lean across the table. At 16:05, the motor to Emirgan. At 16:06 in Kanlica, waves lap the shore.