Clashing Rocks: Not Quite Epic.

Rumeli Feneri is built on one half of the legendary Sympleglades, Cynaean Rocks or Clashing Rocks that once came together to crush hapless ships at the Black Sea mouth of the Bosporus. Jason and the Argonauts defeated them by issuing a bird first in order to  spring the Sympleglades prematurely. The bird lost its tail feathers between the rocks and the Argo sailed boldly through before they could  clash together again fully. After this, the rocks ceased to move.

After a cursory look over the last couple of days at both Rumeli Kavagi and Rumeli Feneri, I don’t think there’s any danger of the rocks or much else springing to life. This landscape feels more tragic than epic, more crumbling than clashing. It’s a shame. This is legendary terrain, but you wouldn’t think so from looking at it. This place could use a loving touch, but it doesn’t seem to have seen one in years.

Sadly, the most charming view of Rumeli Feneri seems to be from the sea. My advice is stay aboard your vessel, and steer clear of these rocks. Dormant or not, your spirit might end up crushed.