an international conspiracy




I have withheld my documentary evidence of certain events that took place a couple of weeks ago in the midst of Turkey’s turmoil for fear that it was not the time for transparency. I apologize for my cowardice. However, I must now add my voice to those others claiming that there are international interests trying to steal Turkey’s beauty away from it. Two Saturdays ago I witnessed an Italian man marry a Turkish woman. To my shame, I stood by and enjoyed the spectacle of two people formalizing the decision to share their love, lives and differing cultures in order to join in a union that will echo through the years, influencing generations to come.




I’m sorry if I let you down, Turkey. In addition to taking one of your great beauties as my wife, years later I stood silent witness as another foreigner did the same. Yet I was not alone. In addition to being a foreign interest at this event, there were also bankers and financiers there too. In fact there were people from all sorts of backgrounds. How could I succumb? Quite simply, these people — Turks and Italians, Spanish, East Indian, Japanese and a host of other nationalities —  were just too good looking and charming. They really knew how to party, too.










What’s worse? I would take part in such a plot all over again. Not only am I guilty, I am unrepentant. Foreigners like me have a desire to see Turkish people happy and successful both at home and abroad among all the other kind people and great cultures of the world. Why? Because it makes some of us happy too. That’s why I sincerely hope that this lovely couple, Asli and Nevio, enjoy the fruits of such a joyful conspiracy for two very long, very magical lives. It was beautiful.