Dear Sof II

Today you’re two years old. It’s the strangest thing. When I grew up, it seemed as if it was your duty to thank your parents for your existence. Maybe, but I think that’s only half  the story …  since becoming a parent, I feel it’s the other way around. Right now I want, I need, to thank you for your existence. I don’t know quite how to describe fatherhood, as it’s not like anything I expected, or ever experienced. Yes, it takes a lot of energy, but it gives me so much more. This website is dedicated to you because you made me want to rediscover life without the biases, without the filters that we adopt as we age. Every day I spend with you brings me back a little closer to that fantastic openness of childhood, a time when your emotions are raw and unchecked, a time when you speak what you feel, a time when time itself seems to have no real meaning and your curiosity seems immortal—a great time. Of course, I want to remember every second of it as best I can, because ironically enough, we lose this amazing period of our lives, and it’s for others to remember.

That’s what I’m trying to record with this site, the great feelings, the wonder that the environment I’m in now inspires, that I can’t be conscious of unless I’m open and curious. I never would have stayed where I am if it weren’t for the power of the place and its people, people like your mother, who make a life possible that once seemed impossible to believe in, that I probably would have scoffed at under other circumstances. There are moments where I want to slow everything down because you just keep getting more and more interesting, and then there are times when I want to speed things up because I can’t wait to see the person you’re becoming and the world we’re creating.

Thanks for finding me, Sofia.