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The power of the rose.


Jayda Uras, owner and operator of Vie En Rose creates fully organic treatments with locally sourced ingredients produced just outside Yalova, believing that anything you put on your body should be just as pure as anything you put in it. When conventional medicine failed to provide adequate answers in her own life, she chose a different course. I sat down with her the other day to discuss her alternative brand of medicine and where her inspiration came from.


Why Vie En Rose?

JAYDA URAS: Many reasons. The rose is a powerful healer, and since Ottoman times it was the only flower or fragrance deemed pure enough to allow in hamams. The rose vibrates at a higher frequency and its essence is more readily absorbed into the skin. And Turkey has some of the finest roses in the world.


I like to think of you as an Alchemist, how would you describe yourself?

Jayda Uras: Everybody says that! How would I describe myself … Translator. Between plants and humans.

What inspired you to get into this line of business?

JU:  I was living in New York City, working as an architect seven days a week. My mother was diagnosed with cancer, then my own health began to fail. Also, I think 9/11 had an effect, though that was on a more subconscious level.

What do you mean your health began to fail?

JU: My immune system stopped working properly. They ran every test conceivable and couldn’t find a reason. In one month I was in emergency care three times. Psychology becomes biography. Then I read six chapters of the book Anatomy of the Spirit. I’ve never picked up a self-help book since.

It was time to rethink your life?

JU: Exactly. I started taking night courses. Then I moved to London. 

You’re half British?

JU: Welsh.

What are your credentials?

JAYDA URAS: I have a Masters from the Scottish School Of Herbal Medicine at the University of Wales, but I’m still learning every day. 

So you’re properly licensed and certified?

JU: Yes. But the practical side of working teaches me the most. Learning from each patient. Each person is unique, and even if two people have identical symptoms, the same treatment doesn’t necessarily apply. I need to learn about the psychological conditions a person is living under and tailor each treatment accordingly. This has the biggest impact. That and genetic patterns.

In your opinion which is more important, genetics or psychology?

JU: Genetically you’re born with switches, but it’s up to you whether you switch them on or off.

So you believe genes are indicators, not prophesies?

JU: Exactly.

I saw a questionnaire … you’re about to open a hamam (Turkish bath)?

JU: Yes. It’s a privately owned hamam but will be different. It won’t be treated like either an expensive spa or a tourist attraction, to be honest I wouldn’t go to most hamams, this will be for people like you and me. I’m hands on responsible for the management of everything from the cleaning and staff hiring to the customer experience, and on top of that an exclusive line of products.

Such as …?

JU: We’ll be hand making soaps on site as well as producing fresh teas from a herb garden located just behind the hamam.

So you’ll be opening in a few weeks?

JU: (Laughs) February. Maybe. The hamam was designed by Mimar Sinan, built in 1580. The private owner is painstakingly restoring it, sourcing replacement stone from the same regions and quarries as the original. It’s a lot of work.



Yeni Yuva Sokak. 50a, Cihangir, Istanbul / +90 212 252 09 07/ jayda@vieenrose.com / vienrose.com