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the biggest mistake


This week I made a big mistake, Sof. I sought out an opinion on some of my work. That wasn’t the mistake. But rather than take the opinion in the spirit in which it was intended, which was to help, I allowed it to paralyze me. For a couple of days it stopped me from doing something I really love. That is a stupid mistake. It’s one I’ve repeated throughout my life. While there are times in this universe when something is right or wrong — mathematically, legally, physically — there are other times, especially when it comes to creativity, that there are no rules, only different choices. The other day I let an “expert” opinion stop me from continuing my work. Why? Perhaps my first error was in hoping for some sort of recognition, when doing something I’m passionate about is a reward in and of itself. I let my resulting disappointment derail me, and further my disconnection from the world. It’s good to seek out opinions, Sof. Just don’t let those opinions change how you feel about yourself. And don’t let them stop you from doing something you feel passionately about. Keep working. Keep your wonder alive.