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peace, lily


As some of you know, I’ve become a little concerned of late with what I consume. The other day, though, I realized perhaps it’s just as important to think about what I expel. Hence these pictures of houseplants. The quality of air in this city is, how shall I put this, diminished. Luckily in an effort to beautify our personal environment, my fantastic wife acquired a number of nature’s most elegant air purifiers.


Still, you can’t really complain about air quality once you realize you’ve been fuming up the place with your own exhaust. Which is one of the reasons why I recently decided to ditch my personal FaceBook page. When I started this blog I wanted to produce and share thoughts on the internet that were more than simple reactions to the clutter and chaos of this world. However, I haven’t held myself to the same standard on my personal FB page. I realized I’m not good at FB. It distracts me from things, important things, like my family, and my own presence in the time and space which I inhabit. It distracts me from doing photography, writing and learning more about worthwhile things. Instead of producing things I can take some pleasure and pride in, I find myself trying to be clever all the time. Which is kind of idiotic.


aloe vera

As most of you know the political situation here falls somewhere on the scale between dismal and catastrophic. It sucks. It sucks the air right out of my lungs. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. It’s not that I don’t care about the country I inhabit. It’s not that I don’t care about the people. It’s that right now it seems like there’s nothing to do except shout. And that seems predictable. It also poisons the air which is already thick with more CO2 than it needs. It also draws the attention of bullies who can out-shout me and or do worse.

peace lily diptych

So today, I thought I’d try to convey some fresh air from my home to yours. Let’s contemplate the beauty of houseplants. Let’s take a deep breath, and make room for something that can absorb our exhaust. Just breathe, baby. Just breathe.