Mind / Body


Dear Sof,

There’s something in your eyes I hope you never lose. Curiosity. You’re brimming with it, and it’s a beautiful thing. For me the process of finding out is more interesting than the actually knowing, or being right. Even when you know a little something, you can build on it by asking the next question. Once you’ve figured out the how, go onto the why. Even if you never find out, you’ll be rewarded with all sorts of adventures which keep life interesting.

Develop your curiosity. Develop your sense of wonder — wonder, which is not the same thing as gullibility, any more than open-mindedness is the same as empty-headedness. Wonder leads to all sorts of things — creativity, invention, discovery, surprises, friendships, travel, and perhaps best of all, love.

Some people get to an age or station in life when they think they’ve lived everything they can ever expect to live, and in an effort to defend themselves from disappointment, abandon their curiosity. Then they grow bitter and angry, and adopt an I’ve seen it all before attitude. They tell themselves the world has let them down. That’s tragic.

Anybody who wants you to believe that the world is certain, predictable or determined by your genes is somebody to be very wary of — seems to me they’ve chosen their reality from an out-of-date guidebook. If there’s not something new around the corner, find a new corner. The universe is vast and full of surprises.

Whether you’re exploring the microcosm or the macrocosm, curiosity is the beginning of all great discoveries. I hope your life is full of them.