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Wood Oven Happiness: Datlı Maya

Today when I was taking pictures for a Cihangir guesthouse I was fortunate enough to stop in at Datlı Maya, a delicious stone oven bakery. I don’t know about the carbon footprint implications of a wood burning oven these days, but when it comes to pizza, or in this case, pide a boat-shaped Turkish flatbread equivalent (pictured immediately below), it makes a great difference  in terms of taste. This cosy wee spot tucked in behind Firuzağa Mosque is big on both taste and personality. The staff are friendly and boisterous, and the woman running the shop can greet you in Turkish, English or Greek with equal exuberance.

From what I understand Datlı Maya sources its ingredients directly from quality farm producers. While they make no claims of being an ‘organic’ bakery, the food is fresh and remarkably economic, probably a benefit of cutting out the middle-man. There’s self-serve tea and glass-bottled water upstairs in the dining area above the oven stone which greets you as you walk in. Thanks to the oven, this will be a fine place to drop in for a bite once the thermometer outside begins to drop. In addition to pides, there are lahmacun, super-thin crusted minced meat pizzas without cheese, as well as güveç, clay pot casseroles. With the exception of the lahmacuns, there are plenty of options suitable for vegetarians, all of them, really delicious. I highly recommend a visit.

 Datlı Maya Firuzağa Mahallesi Türkgücü Caddesi No.59/A Cihangir  (0212) 292 90 56