Karga: the Kadıköy hideaway

  • July 26th, 2012

    As I’ve said, one of my favorite escapes these days is Kadıköy. Within the neighborhood, though, there’s a place that’s the perfect cool dark refuge from the intense summer heat and sun. The beer is cold, inexpensive, and perhaps best of all, the music is consistently good, something you can’t often say about a lot of the beer joints in Istanbul. If you like your music a bit dark, a touch alternative, a bit edgier  than the mainstream, you won’t be let down.

    There’s a distinct vibe in Karga, which possesses that independent Kadıköy feel, and distinguishes it from its more showy, more gimicky or more pretentious rivals in Beyoglu. You won’t find anything quite like Karga there. People here are a little more understated, a little less pushy, and definitely into their music. I really love the building too, the dark, dark wood, the scuffed floors and the unfussy feel. I don’t think it’s changed in years. It’s also fantastically cool — in the literal sense.

    KARGA: Caferağa Mh. Kadife Sokak 16, Kadıköy, ISTANBUL
    0216 449 1725


  • anonymous 07.26.2012  

    But all that positiveness doesn’t count for the staff working there! Some of them really are impolite, and it seems like the owner doesn’t give a shit about it.

  • I.A.W.  

    I’m sorry if that’s been your experience. Personally I’ve always found the staff low-key and casual, but never rude.


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