Getting behind the bar

  • November 29th, 2012
    It’s been busy, busy, busy  for me since my return to Istanbul. I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to devote to the blog. However, I’ve been having a lot of fun working to help the gang at the Bosphorus Brewing Co get things going with their website, writing, shooting and occasionally being used as a “beer test dummy!” — Phil the brewmaster’s words, not mine. Anyway, even though I haven’t had as much time to hit the streets, it’s been a pleasure to interact with everyone here because one thing this place doesn’t lack is personality. Whether it’s out on the floor, or in the kitchen this place is bursting with flavour. Here’s a taste of who and what I’ve been working with over the last week or so, as well as what you’re missing if you haven’t paid this place a visit yet. BTW: there’s some nice dark beer/stout and new IPA on tap but the special brews are going fast. So if you’re lover of real beer, get behind the Bosphorus Brewing Co.
    TÜRKÇE: (+90) 0212 274 87 13 / ENGLISH: (+90) 0212 288 64 99


  • luk Berghe 11.29.2012  

    Dear Innes Adam,

    Thank you for these beautiful photos of the new brewery in Istanbul, I know you by my own exhibition in the beginning of the year at Mars and we met each other at the opening. You are on the docu-film of my performance and on several pictures in my archive. Nice to meet you here again ‘par accident’ ! See you…
    all my best,
    Luk Berghe

  • I.A.W.  

    Hi Luk,

    Thanks for getting in touch. It was a pleasure to meet you and discuss your work. Please come by the pub. I’ll buy you a pint of their finest. Take care for now, Innes.

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