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craft brewers brau syndikat: zürich creators

It began as a challenge. Craft beer aficionado Stephan Györi (wearing glasses) wasn’t happy that Heineken was not just dominating the Swiss marketplace but the taps at the restaurant where he was a chef. So he and his friends decided to invest themselves in creating a custom beer. It was a success. Not only did he knock Heineken from the taps, now, a few year’s later, he and his partners at Brausyndikat have placed 9th in Falstaff Magazine‘s ranking of Swiss craft brewers. Today, with a proper space allocated to brew they still haven’t lost the handcraft touch, bottling and labelling their lineup of malted beverages with a decidedly human touch.

Using a self-made bottling contraption which fills four bottles at a time, it’s something of a laborious process. While Philip fills the bottles, Oli caps each fresh bottle. Stephan meanwhile is strictly monitoring the temperatures on the Mash Tun. Fortunately, it’s a labour of love. The three men working on a Sunday morning to bottle a fresh batch of pale ale are full of humour even before they get to sample their latest handiwork.

To me these affable guys are a great example of why it’s critical to find something you love to create, make an honest contribution to the art of realizing it and not look backwards. They remind me that success is in the process, not the end result. Which is why it’s so great to see the whole team at work. They’ve earned the recognition, but that’s not why they do it. They do it because it’s fun.

I consider myself lucky. Why? I am constantly reminded of the talent around me. Which is why before I sign off I’d like to mention another artist, a new friend of mine, Mark, a talented composer in the process of putting together an album. Two of his original creations that I am really enjoying are The Attack of the 50 Foot Girl and Love Runs Dry. Hope you will give them a listen and share them if you enjoy them.

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