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new year, new breakfast


The morning paper said that coffee helped ward off the most common form of liver cancer, and so he poured himself a fresh cup, confident in this latest research. One item on the breakfast menu, at least, was safe. No milk, no sugar, though. No, thank you. They said dairy was bad. They said sugar was more addictive to the system than heroin. It was a new year. He was going to eat only healthy choices from now on. Excise the bread from his meals. He ate three crunchy cucumbers. A mouthful of freshly washed, organic (he hoped) spinach. He could almost imagine all the toxins being chased from within. He felt relieved. He felt enlivened. He felt a little hungry still. Stone oven baked simit didn’t really count as bread, did it? And if it did, well he’d make sure none appeared on the table tomorrow. It had sesame seeds, and those were healthy, right? Perhaps a little pat of butter too, he thought. It was winter after all, and needed the extra vitamin D … or was it E? Good for the bones, or skin, or something.



Then he saw the honey. Nature’s purest and oldest form of sweetener. The original gold. Yep, surely a good choice. Besides bee colonies had been suffering, lately. Productivity was down. Anything he could do to help those bees recognize their importance in the food chain was a good idea. Absolutely. But you don’t want to overdo the sweet, now do you? Or mix carbs with protein. Or was that fruit with protein? Find out later … how could you go wrong with some vitamin and protein rich eggs?


After, he leaned back in his chair and sighed, while his stomach gurgled its contentment. “Ah, 2014,” he said, “It’s going to be a good year, isn’t it?” He was resolute.