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Bosporus deluxe

A few weeks back I spent some time in front of the camera instead of behind it touring around the Sea of Marmara and up and down the Bosporus. It was quite an experience and a nice way to earn some money, especially when being on the water was a lot more comfortable than being immersed in the dense heat of the city streets. The Bosporus really is this city’s spiritual life source. It never gets tiring being on the sea, whatever type of vessel you’re on. However, I have to say, this particular one was the finest I’ve had the pleasure of being aboard, incredibly comfortable, and tastefully appointed. It had all the old school charm in its design that I’d want if I was fortunate enough to be able to afford such a craft. Despite being perfectly happy aboard a vapur on the Bosporus you can imagine how nice it felt to be at the other end of the spectrum. The only challenge was not drinking the nice cold drinks we kept on being handed for styling purposes. It wasn’t until sunset that we were actually able to indulge. Being blurry eyed and wobbly wouldn’t have enhanced the gleam of refinement the art directors and photographers were trying to capture.

Anyway, I was able to snap a few shots when the paid photographers didn’t need me, which I thought I’d tease you with—I’ve been really eager to see what Sina Demirel and his talented associates pulled off. Even though I firmly believe it’s the photographer and not the camera that makes all the difference, I experienced some serious envy once I saw their cameras. I want an upgrade now! I love my Nikon D40 and all we’ve been through together, but now I’ve really been bitten by the photography bug, particularly since I got to see pros at work as in the days when I was working in agency. In fact, that’s the best thing about such jobs, the range of talented, interested and interesting people you meet, the stories you share and the feeling, even if it’s only for a spot of make-believe for advertising purposes.

 If you want to see some beautiful images by the talented Sina Demirel visit the Armada Gezi Teknesi site.