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dissident lemonade


For some reason we’ve been a little overstocked on lemons. Perhaps we misjudged our shopping?  Perhaps they’re really good first aid when you’ve been tear-gassed in Turkey, Greece or Brazil? Couldn’t say. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with having a few extra lemons around. However, since here in Istanbul we’ve now moved to a less street-side juncture in these times of dissent, those lemons need to find new purpose or they’ll moulder away in silence like a good journalist in jail.

So when life gives you too many lemons, I say make sage lemonade. Why sage? Simply because we need our wits about us these days. In addition to adding a pleasing tartness, sage or adaçayı (here in Turkey) has well documented benefits as a stimulant for heightened brain function, and its latin name, Salvia officinalis, suggests its panacea-inducing properties. While the powers that be act with more and more aggressive stupidity than ever, it’s important that the rest of us keep our cool.


10 lemons + 4 limes
1 .5 cups of water
1/2 cup to 1 cup of  brown sugar
small handful of sage
fresh mint leaves
lots of ice

Boil water. Once boiling, reduce to simmer and dissolve desired amount of sugar. Once sugar is dissolved, turn off heat, add some sage sprigs to steep in syrup (about 15 minutes). Strain syrup to removing sage detritus and allow to cool. While the sage syrup cools, squeeze juice of 10 lemons and 4 limes into a container. Once sage syrup has cooled, mix it with your lemon-lime juice and pour into a large pitcher brimming with ice and mint leaves.

Voila! You have turned your lemons into mind-awakening, Dissident Lemonade.