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chic shopping with found + karamell

This post is dedicated to all the great working women I know who constantly have to juggle a whole bunch of difficult tasks and responsibilities and still manage to have grace and good will even when they are sorely tested. Recently I had the opportunity to work with two very cool curators of style, who exemplify not just good taste but honest business, doing some photography and creating some signage and email flyers for a pop-up event. Amber Mahood, formerly of the financial world, is a chic working mother who has created a new brand called FOUND (FOUND GLOBAL on Instagram) which is all about conscious consumerism and living well. Let’s face it: we live in a material world, so we aren’t able to abruptly stop consuming. However, Amber aims to help us discover brands and businesses that diminish the environmental and societal impact they have on our world, and can sometimes even set us back on the right path. Recently she paired up with Sara Allerstorfer, a former magazine editor who is now proprietor of Karamell, a concept store here in Zürich for kids and mothers with good taste. I humbly recommend you start to follow these two ambassadors of style as they introduce us to the merits of retail therapy with their thoughtful selections.

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