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    the disappearing mist: tarabya

    Perhaps it’s the proximity to the Black Sea. One last stretch of strait and you are somewhere else entirely, behind another curtain. Some mornings you emerge from your house to a disappeared world. What was there the previous morning has vanished. Objects become outlines. The vaguest sketch of reality. It’s kind of magic, almost as if you could trip off the sidewalk and fall into an infinite nothingness.

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    lost in a big northern sky

    There are few things more compelling to me than the sea. But when I think back on Denmark, which I was in about a month ago, I keep thinking of that massive sky. Not that the sea there isn’t impressive. It’s just that the ceiling above it is so mind-boggling big and blue. I miss that vastness. What will you remember, Sof?

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    On our way … more soon.

    We’re just returning from a little trip outside Istanbul. The grass is a vibrant shade of green all year round, the ale selection is impressive and we get to see a different side of life. It’s nice having an international little family. More posts coming soon. Promise.

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    Happy Holidays

    Well here we are again, in the midst of yet  another holiday season. How do the years slip away so effortlessly? One of the best things about being a parent is rediscovering the magic of this holiday through someone else’s eyes. For me, Christmas still has some magic, but it’s best spent on the young, rather than trying to recreate the illusions you had when you were a child. It’s even somewhat weird to be the guardian of a tradition you have such mixed feelings about, and  yet, despite the doubts and the stress, it’s more than just the atmosphere. There’s something to it. Perhaps Like a magic trick, you’re better off not deconstructing it, and rather letting it be. I hope you find your magic this season.

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    Dear Sof IV

    Sorry to disappear for a while, but I’ve been busy with work, trying to catch up after a much needed holiday, and also waiting to tell you about some fun small projects that I’ve been working on that I can’t reveal just yet. Also, this blog is important to me and I want to keep the quality of the photos, stories and commentary high because I’m doing it for some really important people. If you’re reading this, that includes you, so please drop me an email, comment or make a suggestion about things you’d like me to explore. It’s my ambition to post five days a week, but I’d rather post less than just post anything. The more I think I know about this world I’m in, the more I realize I’ve just turned one small page in a much larger book which has been written in several languages. Thanks…

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    Woodcutters & Management.

     THE AXE MAN. I want to take this opportunity to thank God … or the universe. Whoever or whatever is in charge seems to have brought the sun back after what felt like an interminable season of grey. Yesterday, to pay tribute to this momentous event, I decided that I would go out and look for color, specifically, pairings of yellow and blue. At the moment, I am really enjoying the interplay between these two primary partners — red is such a prima donna don’t you think, always blazing away, snatching center stage? Sorry, I digress. Something else happened. While I was out shooting stuff. I heard a cry. No, it was not spring. It was a group of woodcutters. They wanted their photos taken. One of the things I love about Turkey is that the working classes are only too happy to jump in front of the camera.  SOME HARD-SLOGGING GENTS REVEALING…

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    Reading list: James Salter

    Due to technical difficulties, I seem to have lost— in fact, deleted by my own blundering—my original post. Somebody recently suggested I start a reading list on my site, so with that in mind this is the first entry under that title. A Sport And A Pastime, for the simple reason that it was the first book of his I read, and also the one that has stayed with me ever since. Literally. I picked it up back in 2006, before a brief escape into the paradise of Turkey’s of Turkey’s Lycian and Aegean coasts, and have yet to relinquish this copy. I have bought other copies, and loaned them out, but it’s the one book I never put down. I’ve read it from start to finish many times, but I have often carried it with me to pop open at random and read, if only to remind myself what…

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    February Elle Magazine (Türkiye) Interview:

    PORTRAIT TAKEN BY SELIN SÖNMEZ Following is an English transcription of my Q&A’s with Elle Turkey’s Seda Yilmaz: SEDA YILMAZ: For how many years did you work as an advertising creative? How did you decide to stop and pursue your dream of becoming a writer? I worked as an agency copywriter for around 10 years. Then it lost its spark …  but I was really fortunate to work with some amazing talents in art direction, copywriting, as well as photography, illustration, sound and television production. Working with actors in the studio on scripts was a particular highlight, but advertising was never where I wanted to be. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was about 15. That was the first time I thought about it, but I took action around 6 years ago with the decision to drop everything I know and move to Istanbul to work on novels…