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    my favourite photo

    This might well be my favourite photo of the year. While there’s still time left to take more, I can’t help but enjoy this one which shows your more pensive, considered side, Sofia. There’s so much going on behind those big brown eyes of yours, and I like the fact that you aren’t afraid to take the time to consider things so deeply. Except, perhaps, the other day at the hotel swimming pool when you shouted out: “Daddy! Look at that man’s boobies!”

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    the farm store: 83

    Farmer’s markets are something special, something not to be missed if you love food. But somewhere between Hirshtals and Hjørring in a place called Tornby in Jutland, there’s a long gravel lane crowded by soaring pines which leads to a store which looks fit to supply Valhalla. Fresh doesn’t do this farmer’s market justice — food is plucked from the ground or the vine about 100 metres from where it’s sold. It’s also displayed in an eye-catching, uncluttered way, on broad tables in colourful clusters, dirt still spilling off the root vegetables, while in among the produce are imported and local delicacies, such as French lemonades, gourmet English potato chips and local craft-brewed bottles of beer. Meanwhile, lightly humming coolers are stocked with everyday staples such as milk, butter and cheese. Here they grow potatoes worthy of a potato sandwich — and a sandwich is serious business to a Dane.…

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    a different landscape

    Sorry to have been so long absent. If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, look north to vast skies and a windswept place of houses sunken into sand dunes and long, lingering evenings where the light is loathe to dwindle.  Sometimes in order to un-clutter your mind  you have change your mental address, at least temporarily. Sometimes you even have to abandon social media — believe it — for a while.  Still, it’s been too long since I last saw you. I sure hope you feel the same.