• People

    time out

    It’s hot. There’s no small amount of turmoil in the land and everybody I know is a little unsure of where they stand right at the moment. You probably won’t remember any of this by the time you can read it, but if it wasn’t for one three-year old person, called Sofia, I don’t know what I’d do. Your view of the world is the only thing keeping me sane, little girl. Thanks for being my reality check and giving me the time out I need from some very real darkness.

  • Food & Drink

    dissident lemonade

    For some reason we’ve been a little overstocked on lemons. Perhaps we misjudged our shopping?  Perhaps they’re really good first aid when you’ve been tear-gassed in Turkey, Greece or Brazil? Couldn’t say. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with having a few extra lemons around. However, since here in Istanbul we’ve now moved to a less street-side juncture in these times of dissent, those lemons need to find new purpose or they’ll moulder away in silence like a good journalist in jail. So when life gives you too many lemons, I say make sage lemonade. Why sage? Simply because we need our wits about us these days. In addition to adding a pleasing tartness, sage or adaçayı (here in Turkey) has well documented benefits as a stimulant for heightened brain function, and its latin name, Salvia officinalis, suggests its panacea-inducing properties. While the powers that be act with more and more aggressive stupidity than ever,…