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    think …

    How is it that a colour can so dominate one little girl’s imagination? This post is dedicated to someone who wants to see, touch, drink and think in one colour, and one colour only. Guess which one it is.

  • People

    luminous days

    April. The days deluged in light. The people, the city, everything is suspended on it. They are floating. The air, the smell it carries have changed him back. Seeing the young gather at the ferry ports in Kadikoy and Besiktas on a Friday evening while he waits, he remembers the days when the world was so swollen with the promise of tomorrow and it was all destined to fall into his lap like ripe fruit. Not a shadow touched him. The air, the light, rang with so many victories. How could such a beautiful universe disappoint him? It simply wasn’t possible. Luminous days. Why do they now feel like hours?

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    where the hell am I?

    It’s Friday but unfortunately not in a TGIF kind of way. This is one of those posts where I want to say that I have more to say but haven’t yet found the way to say it … understand? I knew you would. There’s too much to do and I feel like I haven’t done enough lately. I’m itching to get back to some serious blogging with more stories, opinions and photos headed your way soon. The sun is out and today’s a great day to scour the streets. Promise I won’t be sitting down much … if at all until this evening. Feel free to send me suggestions drop me a line in the comments below or on the Facebook page. And if you just want photos without my rambling, check out the page on Tumblr: myphilosofia.tumblr.com — okay? You might even be able to guess which shots are…

  • Photography


    If posting has been a little erratic lately that’s in part because I’ve been gearing up for a week-long exhibition I’m taking part in called Printemps Des Artistes which opens in Galatasaray next week. The theme is Passages. I’ve been trying for the last couple of months to shoot, select and narrow down a number of photos which fit this theme, but also sing of Istanbul. The images shown here were shot for this purpose but didn’t make the final cut. While it’s a fantastic compliment to be asked to be part of an exhibition,  narrowing down the images for my first exhibition was really difficult for me. Fortunately, I had plenty of guidance from the organizers and was also able to draw upon the expertise of a true friend, Ahmet Polat — I couldn’t have done it without you. All the self-induced torture and torment dissipated when I saw…