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    Istanbullu IV

    Good, bad, lovely, mad … it takes attitude to last in this city. All these people (in one case I use the term loosely) provided plenty of personality and made the last week more interesting. Thanks for keeping it—mostly—real, everyone.

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    Unter ups the Karaköy swank factor

    If Karaköy wasn’t swanky enough for you two weeks ago, its swank factor has just increased considerably with the addition of Unter, a project by the minds behind Nupera’s Auf. This beautifully designed eatery and lounge might just be my new favourite hangout, diagonally opposite my favourite coffee joint, Karabatak Café. If I was allowed to bring one street corner with me to my deserted island, this might well be it. In fact, I could quite easily and happily lose an entire day and night here. The food is delicious and the staff hip yet friendly. Better still, they know how to pour a pint of Ireland’s most famous stout. Downstairs is the main dining area an intimate space enlivened by its view of the kitchen and street level location. Upstairs is the perfect venue for a party, with fireside chairs, a long table — a space with plenty of…